I’m gonna build a Fusor!

It’s Halloween, and after watching numerous videos of how children achieve fusion in their bedrooms I come to the conclusion; how am I worse than them? I feel passionate about fusion and I read extensively into the subject so my hands are aching for practical application of my knowledge. Hence today is the day I decide I will build a nuclear fusor that will use deuterium.

Of course a tokamak would have been a lot cooler but manufacturing one requires so much more skill and knowledge. I am acquainted with a chief scientist of Tokamak Energy, but at this point its hardly appropriate to disturb him about this. Farnsworth’s fusor however looks like a relatively easy piece of technology to understand and build, and hence I set my eyes on it.

Achieving fusion in bedroom would be an amazing achievement and I shall begin my journey towards it. All steps and important pieces of research shall be documented here. Luckily I am not alone in this endeavor, and as for now have my great friend Aditya Verma join me in planning the beuild. Maybe even more will be invited, who knows?

Plan so far is to read into what people on fusor.net have to say about the matter. Then design a blueprint, match pieces I can find on the market and create a budget, present it to the university to ask for help or to someone who would be willing to give money fro the project. Build, and rejoice!